Business Technology Advisory

Special Service by Empowerion

Many of our clients come to us saying they need a specific type of system – only to find out that it won’t solve their problem. We offer clients business technology advice to identify their needs and the best solution to reach their end goal.  

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Project Management

Our experienced and dedicated project management professionals support all moving parts of a digital transformation, including management of vendors and internal stakeholders.

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Business Process Management

We evaluate our clients’ current processes and optimize them for efficiency and scalability.

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ERP Software Selection

We help clients determine if their goals will be better served by a full ERP software or best-of-breed solution.


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Business Technology Implementation

ERP systems are software platforms that help organizations manage and integrate their important business processes.

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Business Technology Support

At Empowerion, we look beyond technology to take a holistic view of every aspect of a client’s business. Considering our clients’ internal structure, culture, current technology, and methods of business, we advise them on whether a new digital infrastructure is the best way to achieve their goals.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of Empowerion Specific services among different ERP Consulting companies. Cloud hosting is based on our company cloud service and help you installing and management your database through our professional services. 

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