Business Technology Support 

At Empowerion, we look beyond technology to take a holistic view of every aspect of a client’s business. Considering our clients’ internal structure, culture, current technology, and methods of business, we advise them on whether a new digital infrastructure is the best way to achieve their goals.

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Digital Strategy

We develop strategic roadmaps tailored to our clients’ people, processes, and technology.

Software Selection  

We help organizations identify their requirements and cut through vendor sales jargon to find the best fit for their business.

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Software Implementation

Our full implementation support and vendor management services range from initial planning to post-go live stabilization.

Business Transformation Case Study

A brief walkthrough of a software selection journey for one of our recent business transformation clients. Our team assisted a unique company that specializes in engineer-to-order construction design and manages contracted manufacturers to create and produce products for their customers.  

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Due to the fact that ERP solutions typically hang their verticals in distinct categories such as manufacturing or distribution, this hybrid organization kept running into challenges as they worked to find a software that would fit their distinct needs.

Solution & Method

They hired Third Stage Consulting as their second ERP consultant to help find the right fit. Our consultants facilitated workshops and took the time to break down their requirements to grasp a full, end-to-end picture of their organization.


Our thorough due diligence led us to a clear understanding of this organization's workflows and processes, and we were able to recommend a perfect fit software that has become a turn-key solution across their operation.