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An ERP is an enterprise resource planning system, basically, the way to manage all areas of a company in an integrated way. 

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Odoo History

Fabien Pinckaers, Founder and CEO of OpenERP/Odoo, created the software back in 2005. It was originally called TinyERP, changed to OpenERP around 2007, and then changed to Odoo OpenERP around 2012.

 One of the reasons for the name change to Odoo was that the company wanted a brand free of restrictions. ERP had a brand of being one defined product, while Odoo was offering a suite of different modules that could all work well together. In addition, many of the company’s newer modules, such as website management, were not typical of ERP software at all.

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Odoo Today  

 Odoo now has more than 12 million users. The company has more than 5,000 business partners in 160 countries and over 2,800 employees. At Odoo, the community is a major part of the business. In fact, it is thanks to this community that the company can make changes and updates.

Odoo's references also include multinationals that are leaders in their sectors, such as DANONE, TOYOTA, IXINA, KPMG and HYUNDAI.

In In conclusion, Odoo is a dynamic company that is expanding development. In just 15 years, the company has expanded expansion. Today, Odoo is the choice of many companies including TSC, for its comprehensive, integrated and automated nature. Choose Odoo for for the good of your business, and let TSC help you integrate it smoothly and efficiently.

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Fabien Pinckaers , CEO

Founder and Chief Visionary, Fabien is the driving force behind Odoo. He likes to stay busy, participating in software development, marketing and customer experience strategies.

Sébastien Bruyr, COO

Sébastien believes that every client is unique and deserves the best! His daily objective is to provide each of them with the correct and easiest solution. To date, he is responsible for over 600 new deployments per year. Sébastien is the Head of Direct and Indirect Channel at Odoo.

Antony Lesuisse, CTO

Antony is one of the lucky people in life who can say he loves what he does. He oversees over 200 internal developers and looks after the community of 2,000 developers.

Alessandro Mazzocchetti, CFO

Alessandro, with his many years of international experience, helps us easily understand the numbers and how to improve them. He is committed to success and offers his professional acumen to bring Odoo to the next level. Alessandro is responsible for finance, legal issues and human resources.

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