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 with productivity.

Imagine having all your needed apps in one platform. Straightforward, free, and requires only a single click to set up. Yes, this is possible. There is an app that exist precisely for that.


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What is Odoo?

Odoo stands out as a uniquely versatile and comprehensive business management software, integrating a vast array of applications into a single, seamless platform. The distinguishing feature of Odoo is its simplicity of use coupled with a fully integrated system.

Odoo’s adaptability allows for the addition of apps in line with your company’s mission, incorporating one application at a time as your necessities change and your clientele expands.

The only software you need.


All your Business on one platform!

Monitor potential clients, pursue prospects, and obtain precise forecasts.

Boost sales with faster, more transparent quotes and increasing revenue.

Monitor warehouse performance in real time for more timely decisions.

Email Marketing
Design professional emails and build campaigns that resonate with prospects.

Create a stunning online presence. Design your website with ease.

Manage your finances and records efficiently with powerful tools.

Bill vendors on your terms, secure the best prices and 
compare product lines.

All-in-one platform from organization to visibility and promotion.

Allow your team to log billable hours, approve task time, and invoicing.

Point of Sale 
Register product in your stock, monitor statistics, and consolidates data. 

Offers dynamic workflows, send, sign, and approve documents online.

Integrates various channels to convert queries into tickets.


Centralized employee management, recruitment, and performance.


 Optimize production line schedule, plan, and process orders.

Enable internal communication, messages, notes, and file sharing.

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Empowerion recommends Odoo

Here at Empowerion, we value efficiency paired with productivity that aligns to our client's goal. With Odoo, we accelerate and unleash the potential of every business. You can best discover Odoo through Empowerion's expertise and trained consultants.

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