OnlyOffice is a comprehensive office productivity suite designed for both individual and collaborative use. It combines a variety of tools and features aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency in document management and team collaboration.

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 Document Editing

The software includes multiple styling and formatting tools, the ability to insert objects, create a table of contents, use bookmarks, compare documents, perform mail merge, and much more.

Digital  Building

The software supports various fillable fields including text areas, images, combo boxes, drop-down lists, check boxes, email, and phone number fields, with extended field properties and the ability to export to PDF.

Presentation Editing

With the unmatched functionality of Businessmap, you can begin consolidating multiple tools into a single platform,  comprehensive visibility across all projects and portfolios, and alignment on goals.

PDF editing and filling

The software provides comprehensive functionality, enabling users to highlight, underline, document review; leave comments and create freehand drawings for added annotations and visual explanations.  

Spreadsheet Editing


The software provides an extensive array of features tailored to meet diverse user needs, encompassing a rich library of over 400 functions and formulas designed to facilitate complex calculations and data manipulation tasks.

E Book Creation

The software offers multiple styling and formatting tools, supports the use of a table of contents, figures, footnotes, integrates with Mendeley and Zotero, and allows you to export to EPUB and FB2

One platform to help you in your Data

OnlyOffice stands out as the optimal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a versatile, secure, and collaborative productivity suite.

This  application is cost-effective pricing and open-source flexibility ensure that ONLYOFFICE can be tailored to meet diverse needs, providing unparalleled value and efficiency.

  • Easily share documents for viewing, editing, reviewing, commenting, or form filling.
  • Utilize character- and paragraph-level co-editing modes for efficient collaboration.
  • Compare and review documents, while tracking changes effortlessly.
  • Leave comments and mentions for clear communication and feedback.
  • Communicate in real-time via built-in chat or Telegram integration.
  • Conduct audio and video calls using Jitsi or Rainbow integration for richer collaboration experiences.

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"Unlock your team's full potential with ONLYOFFICE: where collaboration meets productivity, and innovation thrives."